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Home Teeth Whitening Products | Frisco, TX

In addition to regular oral care, many of our patients want a safe and convenient teeth whitening regimen that they can follow at home. At Accent Dental, we can recommend teeth whitening products available at our Frisco, TX clinic proven to help our patients maintain a truly radiant smile, whether they need full teeth whitening or simple touch ups. Our custom teeth whitenings products are designed for home use and require a simple consultation to prepare. We take impressions of your teeth so that we can create molds of your upper and lower teeth so we can create fully customized and efficient teeth whitening applications.

Once we make sure your molds for your teeth fit perfectly, we then teach you how to use the peroxide teeth whitener gel for setting up your new teeth whitening products.  We will then inform you how long it will take for your teeth whitening trays to give you the results you are looking for with your teeth.

For a clear and white smile that gives a long and lasting impression, contact Accent Dental in Frisco, TX and set up an appointment for one of our world class at-home teeth whitening products and services today.

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