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The Best Teeth Whitening Tips to Make Your Holiday Smile Bright

Are you dreaming of snow-white teeth for your holiday parties and pictures? A whiter smile can amplify your self-confidence and help you make a great impression.  There are many options for both at-home and professional teeth whitening. Here are some of the best teeth whitening tips and techniques recommended by local dental health experts in the Frisco, TX, […]

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Woman smiling and looking into her steaming cup of coffee

Cosmetic Dentist Frisco TX: Dangers of Excessive Coffee Drinking

Most people drink at least one cup of coffee each day, but consuming an excessive amount of coffee each day may require treatment by a cosmetic dentist Frisco TX. An estimated 11 percent of Americans drink 4 or more cups of coffee each day. This increased intake of caffeine may help them complete daily tasks […]

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Closeup of a woman's mouth with bright red lips and a white, straight smile

Dental Office Sunnyvale TX: Improve your Smile for the Holidays

You may be attending various events, parties, and holiday gatherings this season, so consider improving your smile by visiting the specialists at a dental office Sunnyvale TX. Not only will these knowledgeable professionals be able to improve the whiteness and brightness of your smile, but they will also protect the underlying health of your mouth, […]

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Woman frowning and holding her cheek with one hand to indicate tooth pain

Best Dentist In Frisco TX: The Most Common Mistake Twenty-Somethings Make

So you’ve graduated high school or college and you’re on your own.  While it can be fun and exhilarating to be the one calling all the shots, independence comes with a lot of responsibilities that include finding steady employment, paying your own bills and getting medical and dental care when you need it.  Even though […]

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