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Man in a car who looks dazed just after his driver-side airbag has deployed

Emergency Dentists in Frisco TX Treat Car Accident Dental Injuries

You expect things like sports, clumsiness, or frequent violent fighting to cause dental trauma, but includes motor vehicle collisions on the list of the most common causes of tooth damage. Additionally, though you might expect a steering wheel, dashboard, or flying object to be obvious causes of injuries to the mouth in a car […]

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Closeup of plastic teeth and gums being brushed by a dentist, showcasing proper toothbrushing technique

Accent Dental Dental Services Frisco: Covering All Your Dental Needs

If you are looking for dental services Frisco, we are the clinic for you. Our dentist and staff are committed to providing the best dental care and services around. We know that visiting the dentist is not an ideal way to spend your day, that is why we strive to provide a calm and positive […]

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Visiting the Dentist Frisco TX: What is Oral Surgery?

No matter how diligent a dental patient may be about brushing and flossing, tooth loss or damage usually occurs as we age. Oral surgery may be required to correct problems including, but not limited to, simple extraction, wisdom teeth removal, placement of dental implants, preparation for denture placement and radicular cyst removal. A simple extraction […]

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