Best Teeth Whitening Frisco TX

The Best Teeth Whitening Tips to Make Your Holiday Smile Bright

Are you dreaming of snow-white teeth for your holiday parties and pictures? A whiter smile can amplify your self-confidence and help you make a great impression.  There are many options for both at-home and professional teeth whitening. Here are some of the best teeth whitening tips and techniques recommended by local dental health experts in the Frisco, TX, […]

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Pediatric Dentistry Frisco TX

Teeth Grinding and Pediatric Dentistry in Frisco, TX

If your child is grinding their teeth when they sleep, there are a couple things that could be happening. Some children grind their teeth until their baby teeth fall out, then the grinding stops. An earache can be a cause of your child grinding their teeth. Another cause could be pain from teething. Whatever the cause, it’s best to address the problem before […]

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Dental Veneers Frisco TX

What You Need To Know About the Benefits of Dental Veneers

If your smile isn’t as becoming as you’d like it to be, your dentist may recommend dental veneers to give your discolored or damaged teeth a whole new look.  Veneers are natural-looking, thin coverings, usually made of porcelain that are attached to the front of your teeth.  Unlike other types of restorative or cosmetic devices, […]

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