Appliance Therapy

Protect Your Teeth with a Custom Mouth Guard

It is estimated nearly 20 percent of adults are suffering from the negative effects of clenching and grinding their teeth, which is often referred to as bruxing. The biggest reason individuals grind and clench their teeth is due to stressful lifestyles. Clenching and grinding not only causes excessive wear on your teeth, the activity also causes your neck and facial muscles to constantly become sore. Thankfully, there is a solution!

Visit our Frisco, TX clinic to learn if a custom mouth guard is the right treatment for your chronic teeth grinding. Dr. Nelson Wu will fit you with a high quality, custom mouth guard designed personally for your mouth for nighttime wear. Our mouth guards fit over your upper and lower teeth perfectly, increasing comfort and lessening the damaging effects of grinding or clenching your teeth. Dental night guards can also correct your bite by placing your teeth in their correct position.

To learn more about custom mouth guards at our Frisco, TX dental clinic, contact us today or schedule and appointment for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Wu.

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