All Porcelain Dental Crowns

Natural-Looking Dental Crowns | Frisco, TX

Protect your teeth and restore confidence in your smile by getting natural-looking dental crowns at our Frisco, TX clinic. Accent Dental creates the most comfortable, beautiful, and long-lasting dental crowns for our patients. Dental crowns, also referred to as “caps”, are placed over the teeth to hide discoloration, misaligned teeth, misshaped teeth, and several other teeth imperfections. Dental crowns also protect and cover cracked teeth, increase comfort for you jaw and offer extra support to teeth that are weak or damaged.

If you have old crowns that have black lines by your gums, we can help. Dr. Nelson Wu will take care of you with brand new porcelain dental crowns. He will make it his goal to give you the best experience and craft all-porcelain dental crowns to replace your old crowns. Schedule an appointment at our Frisco, TX clinic today to learn if dental crowns are the right treatment to restore your beautiful smile.

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